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Notice to Consumers and Site Users


  1. This Notice supplements and should be read together with The Procter & Gamble Company's ("P&G") global consumer privacy policy (the "Privacy Policy") .

    本通知用以補充 Procter & Gamble 公司(以下稱"P&G")全球消費者隱私政策(以下稱"消費者隱私政策")之內容,並應與其一併參閱。

  2. We may collect, use, disclose and/or process your personal data, including without limitation, your full name, your contact details such as mobile/telephone number, email address, residential or business address, your or your children's personal details such as gender, age group, year and month of birth, number of family members or income level, expected date of birth, birth hospital, your P&G membership information, usernames and passwords of our websites, social media or networking sites, online/mobile applications (the "Site(s)") and/or our loyalty program affiliation, your financial data such as bank account numbers or credit card details, your or your children's photograph, video image or voice recordings; information relating to your or your children's skin, teeth, oral conditions or facial images, your search records or usage history of the Sites, including without limitation, Cookies, pixel tags, web beacons, IP addresses, device ID, and navigational data, the date, time and duration of visits of the Sites and/or the path taken through our Sites, your information sourced or collected from publicly available information, our observations on your requests or preferences, or your reviews and opinion about the Sites, our programs, goods or services (collectively, "your Data").


  3. In relation to our use and/or transfer of personal data for direct marketing purposes in Hong Kong, we may use your Data to send you direct marketing communications via, including without limitation, direct-mails, emails, telephone calls, SMS, push notifications, in-app messages and/or other technologies (such as geo-location technology) for our mobile application(s) on your mobile device(s) or other technologies on your computers or mobile electronic devices (or via any other online channels or any other media now known or available in the future), containing news, offers, promotions, events to be offered by us, any of our subsidiaries or affiliates and/or by our or their selected business partners in relation to the following classes of products and services: health and wellness, beauty, body, hair, dental and personal care products, fragrance and cosmetics, pharmaceutical and nutritional products, baby milk/food, baby or children products, sanitary products, groceries and household products, general merchandise, food and beverages, restaurants, catering, wine and liquor, leisure and sports, entertainment, publication and distribution of books, magazines, journals or newsletters, organization of non-profit and charitable activities, social networking, media and public relations, stationary, books and paper products, confectionary and toys, clothing, shoes, parenting products/ publications, pets products, fashion accessories, bags and luggage, jewelry, watches, furniture, plants and accessories, phones and mobile devices, electronics and electrical appliances, computer software and games, fuel, tutoring, mentoring, home cleaning, janitor services, part time housekeeping, plumbing services, locksmiths, barber and salon services, gym and fitness services, laundry services, florists, vehicle towing, and motor vehicle services, recreational services, banking, lending, investment and financial services, graphic and interior design services, medical and pharmaceutical services, therapists, hospitality services, insurance services, internet services, telecommunication services, photography services, printing and publishing services, property management services, real estate agencies and management, building maintenance, security services, home inspection services, storage and warehousing services, utilities services, oil and gas distribution, travel agencies and tourism services and/or transportation (collectively, the "Retail Goods and Services").


  4. We may also share and transfer your Data to our subsidiaries, affiliates and/or third party business partners (whether local or overseas) which offer or provide any Retail Goods and Services. They may communicate with you about their products or special offers in relation to any Retail Goods and Services by any mode of communication, including but not limited to voice calls, text messages, postal mails, faxes, electronic transmissions to your email address(es), push notifications, other forms of in-app notifications or other technologies (such as geo-location technology) for their mobile applications on your mobile device(s) or other technologies on your computers or mobile electronic devices.


  5. In relation to (i) our transfer or sharing of your Data for direct marketing purposes under paragraph 4 above and/or (ii) our sharing of your personal data with third parties under the Section "What We Share" in the Privacy Policy, the relevant classes of data transferees includes any of our local or overseas subsidiaries or affiliates (and their partners) and/or our third party business partners which are in the business of and provides any of the Retail Goods and Services.

    關於(i)P&G依前述第四項以直接營銷的目的移轉或共享您的資料和/或(ii) P&G根據消費者隱私政策之“共享信息”章節與第三方共享您的個人資料方面,相關資料接收者的類型包括P&G的任何本地或海外子公司或關聯企業(及其合作夥伴)和/或從事和提供零售商品及服務業務的P&G第三方業務合作夥伴。

  6. We cannot use nor transfer your personal data for direct marketing purposes without your consent. You may opt-out from receiving marketing communications at any time free of charge.


  7. Should there be any inconsistencies between the English and Chinese versions, the English version shall prevail.


  8. If you have any queries relating to our Privacy Policy or this Notice, or if you wish to access or correct your personal data, or to withdraw your consent for direct marketing, please contact us.